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All right folks, pretty much ready to hit Publish on the new changes on KS that reset the NON BACKER free game to one flyable aircraft.

While opinions differ, I will not change anything with any existing rewards tiers. I.e. if you had backed at $1 before, or will back at $1 at any time before Oct 5, you WILL receive the three currently stated free aircraft.

I could have locked down the current $1 tier and made the extra aircraft available later, but it'll just add to the confusion.

I also just spent a few hours trying to refine the rewards matrix and it's just impossible. I tried once again to simplify everything and bring it up to a common denominator. Just choose a number of add-ons you want, and pledge accordingly, and then choose the rewards you want, manuals, alpha access, etc.

It's just a nightmare of confusion even for myself. Most importantly, things just cost differently, and it's already reflected in existing rewards. I cannot price a t-shirt the same as a copy of a FW.190D in DCS World. If I average things out, that makes things look weird and overly expensive compared to old rewards. Most importantly, we already have a gazillion rewards, and I cannot edit or hide these. Changes like these mean adding a whole bunch of new rewards while keeping all the existing ones visible. Trying to choose the correct one then will just drive the new people crazy.

Also, yes, the main idea is to add new people to the backers list. I am incredibly thankful to the people who have already pledged, and I'm definitely not saying it enough. Continuing to ask you for more and more money is just plain wrong.

Anyway, I'll sleep on the changes to the overall KS, and either hit Publish in the morning, or not. In the end, we have already reached our goal. Is a flyable Me.262 worth making yet another drastic change in the project?
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