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Originally Posted by BIGNEWY View Post

Sorry you missed out on the pre order price.

We did have it reduced for quite some time.

As mentioned by others subscribe to the newsletter or follow our social media it should give you enough warning in the future.

Why are you deflecting? This was obviously a stab a people who would not pre-order things they had no idea the end result would look like. ED clearly made a complete attempt to discredit a release date that was merely a week off to create more ambiguity as to the actual release of the product.

It was stated in the previous weekend news the release date would be announced the following week. And then in the follow weekend news, you make no mention about it at all, instead post the youtube trailer where it states deep in the description the pre-order would end in 24 hours, 24 hours before the news post. ???

Meanwhile people who were waiting to make an informed purchase? "Screw them. How dare they not give us money before we give a release date or release trailer!!"

I'm glad I did not pre-order. I don't support business practices like this. I guess I'm the clown for religiously reading weekend news for over the past year scanning for any mention of the viper.

Was even going to ask for an extension as I was at work when the news post was made, but later thought better of it. Learned my lesson real well. Never again.
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