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Hi Rider, loving the app, works great using a surface.

I did love your WinTab option more after reading about it and decided to make this the direction I would use due to the smaller footprint offered and cost (I'm In AUS). The product I chose was the X-PEN G640S, which was a good price at $45.

Unfortunately and like the Huion its severely lacking in the driver department and doesn't allow an application-defined passthrough option for the pen and tablet short cuts, which is disappointing as it does pass them through without the driver installed, but doesn't allow me to then adjust the orientation of the tablet 90deg so it sits better on my leg and of course you loose other required options to make it work as desired usign VRK

I'm currently compromising by allowing windows ink which is a driver setting I can use to control the pen and tab shortcuts. Doing this at least gives me an eraser/pen option selection on the pen itself and I can scroll using the tablet shortcuts.

by making the zoom setting in the cockpit a little more extreme it compensates for the most part not having a pinch-zoom or gestures pen capability.

I've also reached out to X-PEN support to see if they are able to include an application-defined function in the driver, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a key functions capability to VRK?

What I mean by this, is being able to use a key combo to select a feater like gestures etc (same as you would if using an application like photoshop), as this is something I can program in the driver options.

Anyway, just thought I would pass on my findings in case anyone else was looking at the X-PEN option.

Great app and something I will continue to use more and more as it matures

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