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I think we need to wait to get exact details on this. It wouldn't surprise me if block 1 aircraft have been upgraded to also benefit from datalink as in the real world blocks are not as black and white as they might be in a simulation. On ED's discord the other day someone who said they were previously Blackhawk ground crew saw plenty of aircraft that had received partial upgrades.

I believe Deka have managed to get their hands on an actual JF-17 simulator (based off some of their previous Facebook images). Like it or not having a proper datalink system will increase the popularity of the aircraft and if they make it possible for server admins and mission designers to decide if you do or don't get access to datalink (assuming it is full datalink we're getting and not just the datalink used to control the C-802)

It will also make the aircraft more competitive in the DCS world that now exists where 4.5 gen aircraft have the advantage that datalink allows. Don't get me wrong there will people who make it work no matter what, like those M2000C pilots who continue to be able to dominate even if a fox 3 environment.

I'll be honest I'll be purchasing this aircraft no matter what but there are those whose purchasing decisions will be influenced by the capability of the aircraft. As someone who enjoys the player vs player I'll take every additional capability I can get thank you very much, but I won't be upset if we are simply somehow misreading the images that are being shown on the most recent tiny news post.
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