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Originally Posted by 9./JG26_Brigg View Post
Glad you liked her Shadepiece. I love her and imo its one of the best simulated modules in DCS and it baffles me why this and the Sabre arent more popular.
Propably because it's to Old and has the the systems of a late ww2 for the Modern Jet Pilotes and WW2 Warbird Pilotes don't really like to touch Jet's.

But as a Person that has only flown ww2 piston Simulators This was a perfect introduction and i will be happy to try out the Mig-19 to get even a step further in to those Hitech planes.

But even the Mig-15 is just such a joy to fly. Its like petting a Cat's belly. You better be ready for the inevatable bite.
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