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Originally Posted by WinterH View Post
Latest Flankers do have a-g radar if I'm not mistaken. Besides that, Su-24 also had a complex two antenna radar system in it's nose. Don't know if Su-17 series had one, don't think so.

If second aircraft is a jet with a-g radar, it may perhaps be a Viggen too.

I would have liked the idea of two pacific warbirds from each side coming in rapid succession to be counterparts to each other and add to roster but, something with an air to ground radar would be very nice to have too. Especially if it's a Viggen or a Russian aircraft, both of which I'd be more excited for than F-14 . Don't get me wrong, I am excited for F-14 too, just not as overjoyed over it as most people are . So I really, really wonder what their two other aircraft are.

Ummm I guess some F-4 variants had some sort of a-g radar capacity did they not? I'd LOVE that, also A-6 had a radar too, which I'd also love, may be A-7 too? Hmm so many interesting possibilities

But that right there is the thing. Releasing 3 American planes isn't exactly something for everyone is it? For every person who says "I only fly US planes," I promise you there is someone else somewhere saying the same thing about only flying Russian planes.
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