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Then they have funny modeling as they turn in cockpit like 30cm either direction when you use pedals.

Difference is that the pedals do not have a twisting so they would stay parallel to each others but it's like one bar that you turn. So when you push pedal forward by 30 degree, then the braking pedal is as well 30 degree to your feet.

It is like designed as bicycle control bar with brake handles.

But it is way too sensitive. It acts like a F-18 steering at high, for carrier deck turns.

My problem is that in landings I can only control aircraft yawn with rudder, until touch down when the authority of rudder lowers quickly by speed. Then comes critical time when I do not have rudder authority almost at all, and braking with left or right pedal does nothing really, but braking with both does start to slow down.

Only way to steer F-16 is to use NWS all after flaring and letting nose wheel touch down at 95-100 knots (IIRC) and it is extremely sensitive all the time. Wouldn't use it for anything else than parking if wheel brakes would be effective to make turns even when taxiing.

Only way really to taxii, control landing and take-off is to use NWS, until the rudder gets enough air speed.
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