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Originally Posted by H@rry View Post
The DCS aeroplane doesn't start following the procedure in the original pilot's notes. The notes say to move the cut off control forward into the RUN position before hitting the booster coil and starter, then pump away at the primer until the engine runs smoothly. This procedure doesn't work on the DCS aeroplane as the engine never catches.

This video shows MH434 (which is the aircraft modelled by DCS) being started as per the pilot's notes (ignore the commentary. The narrator gets it wrong - the cut off is clearly fully forward):

I will say that in those kind of clips,error may have happen too.
Start up in warbirds in DCS are simplified,there is no in depth start up logic or anything implemented, you just start engine that's it like in car.
I linked scans from spit pilot manual,
Mixture controll fully aft it says before start up.
DCS spit is missing need of keeping booster and using primer to keep it going until engine will work fine.

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