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Default Black Shark Virtual Panel v.1.1

Hello to all community!

I'm proud to present you BSVP (Black Shark Virtual Panel) software.

This software is allow you to visualize main analogue gauges of Black Shark simulator on separate monitor or even on networked PC (Notebook or Netbook).

Like old LOVP, BSVP allow you to configure gauge panel in any way you want.
By default - realistic placement included.

BSVP was made in 3D engine Quest3D, all gauges are rendered in 3D.
ADI cylinder now have proper form, gauges are smooth and clean.

Besides, night lightening for panel was made (syncronized with simulator)

Hope you will enjoy this project, and happy flights!
Here's project page:

From the page you could also download latest LOVP software with photo-textures.

P.S. Ask me freely if you issued some problems or have some comments
P.S.2. Thanks to DickDastardly and ggg87 for all they're help!

Works with DCS World 1.2.1!

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