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Default 3rd unanounced Airbus helicopter speculation (pls read 1st post)

This is NOT a wishlist thread! It's a speculation thread to speculate what the new helicopter might be based on what we know so far!

Originally Posted by borchi_2b View Post
Hi guys,

About the license negotiations with Airbus I can not reveal any direkt info to anybody at the moment.
What I can tell you though is, that I am in direct contact with the highest officials for such negotiations with Airbus. Next level would be the CEO himself

Well yes our primary is the gazelle at the moment and the main part of our negotiations but I can tell you that we talk about the bo105 and another helo of thier current product line at the moment too.
I can not say anything about the 3rd helo, but if we get a full clearance you all will have something nice to play woth

Enough said about that I guess

Have an awesome ay as we try to have that every day


So, if everything goes well, we will get a 3rd helicopter from Polychop

Keep in mind though, that they're just negotiating for licensing so far and if they get the clearance development will take some time for sure. And of course, it's not set in stone yet, so it might not happen at all. But we can still have some fun guessing what this bird might be

We know it's supposed to be a helicopter which Airbus is the current license owner. Since DCS is a combat simulator I guess it will be a military helicopter. That leaves some choices:

- The good old Alouette II, a light french made training/observation helicopter from the 50's which saw use all over the world, especially in France and Germany. I think it's use in DCS would be quite limited though. In the observation role it has to rely on the MK. I eyeball system which needs close distance to the target to deliver useful results. But since we have so many fixed wing trainers we could use a rotary trainer as well.

- The (Super) Puma: A french made medium transport helicopter, that can also be armed with a cannon, MGs, rockets and even Anti-Ship missiles. It would fall in line with the Huey and Mi-8.

- The NH90: A european medium transport helicopter, which is also used as a naval helicopter in it's maritime version. The army version would bring us a new transport helicopter, but it would be a very high tech helicopter compared to the Huey or Mi-8. The naval version would be interesting in ASuW and ASW roles if ED expands naval operations in DCS.

- The Tiger: I think this one doesn't need any explanation. It would be really awesome since it would be the first true attack helicopter in DCS since the KA-50.

So, what do you guys think it will be? Some of those or maybe something else?
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