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Originally Posted by msalama View Post
If this hypotethical A/C is something listed or promised in the original v1.0 release notes, you've got a point. If not, you don't. So if there's an upgrade consisting of completely new content ED hasn't mentioned before, you'll just need to pay or do without. Pretty simple and straightforward when you think about it, isn't it?
I agree....it is simple.

Think the first post in the link below will clear it up. Thread started in 2014......


Basically I think any upgrade to the huey module (by ED/Belsimtek) should be free (okay discounted) to those who already have the huey due to them mis-selling the multi-crew. I understand that the lack of progress may have been out of control of Belsimtek but they should've taken the line "Multiplayer coop mode for crew members of the same helicopter under development for a later update." out of their advert for the huey.

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