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As far as I know the "center Shkval" is a fictional function just like reset trim and respawn and toggle labels.

Personally I use a 4-way hat even though I have a ministick available. Being smooth even with Warthog cursor is difficult and I like it on the cyclic hand as it is in the real helicopter. I have set it to be controlled by the big joystick axes for testing and it is very smooth but of course is not practical.

Diagonal motion with hat switch depends on your controller. It will move diagonally if two buttons are pressed at the same time. If your diagonal hat ouputs two buttons when diagonally pressed it works fine. If your diagonal hat outputs a separate button then it won't.

There are two fixes for this: Use joystick programming software so diagonal press instead outputs the nieghboring vertical/lateral buttons at the same time.

Two, bind the 8 outputs (A B C D E F G H) to the 4 directions like this:
Up H A B
Right B C D
Down D E F
Left F G H
Of course this is impossible in the GUI but I think it can be done with text editing. The lines in DCS will have red highlights because it thinks multi-binding is a problem.
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