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I thought that the "Center the gate" wasn't really a real thing but would have required more likely a Shkval Reset or optical system On/Off like when auto-caging to stored target via ABRIS.

But good to know it should be a mini-stick to operate it. It has just felt little difficult always to get the speed right with a mini-stick as it doesn't seem to be limited by speed or at least not simulated that there would be maximum speed it can be moved with that mini-stick.

As I consider it fairly important critical feature to not stress about moving gate fast enough or slow enough depending targeting situation when you wear gloves and you are in high-stress situation, and then when you want to move aiming at long distances quickly you would use the HMS for that, and then when searching targets you would prefer to use the auto-scan feature (double-press uncage to start it) and its fastest rate would be the fastest rate you could anyways to move it (or maybe even that same speed knob would be used for the cyclic mini-stick speed?

This because without any limitations, one needs to always adjust the curves etc to get it behave well enough, otherwise it jumps from one end to another less than a half a second.
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