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Originally Posted by Josef P. Bagodonuts View Post
You underestimate the ability of ISR to find and fix targets, even camouflaged mobile ones.

Scott O'Grady got shot down because he was a shitty wingman and pilot; not because the SA-6 battery had awesome TTPs.
look at how much of a challenge it was to spot scuds in the open deserts of Iraq. And react in time before they dismantled scuttled to setup elsewhere. You are overestimating ISR.

And that's an unfair judgement, and disrepsectuffll to dismiss him. It just as easily could have been the leader who got shot down, given he was making the call of what do in such situation. This was just an example .This wasnt the only aircraft shot down by sams since the end of the cold war. Sorry but the sam operators did know what they were doing. IFthey had simply switched on radar and began locking right away, it would have given the pilots more time to react, and not be in ideal engaagemnt range. In actuality it would have spooked the pilots as they would have high tailed it out of there, given they were in a A2A config and did not have any way to attack save for a gun run which would have required getting close.

It was an ambush. The sam were in an area they weren't expected and the operators knew what they were doing. They didn't just switch on the radar and keep it on and target when they got in range like so does in dcs. If there anything that's lacking it's behaviour of sams in dcs.



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