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Originally Posted by 75th-VFS-Striker View Post
We do popup attacks against SA-10's, 6's and 11's all the time. If you plan your route out properly and use good terrain avoidance, they're very easy to kill. Definitely no match for an A-10C with 6 AGM-65D's. You're outmatched in a flat terrain environment though. And if people build missions with scattered manpads, you're always looking around for that random missile shot. But otherwise, long range SAM's don't intimidate us like they used to. If I were an Eastern block SAM operator I'd be terrified of the thought of A-10C's and AH-64D Longbows popping up from behind hills and lobbing F&F A2G missiles at me.
Sure if your in it for the challenge. but thats not realistic scenario.

A) A10's would never get sent to partake SEAD mission. ( unless this pops up as the AF idea of finally "retiring" the A10) At the very lest they would be supported By Sead Capable Fighter aircraft.

B) one cannot plan route accordingly if you don;t know exactly beforehand where sams are, and generally speaking you shouldnt,. . S300s and various other systems s can be erected and dismantlement in under 1 hour and moved elsewhere IRL, allowing for them swift transport to cover different sectors in the same day or stage a total ambush in a area Sams would not be expected.

because of this, you shouldn't know exactly where they are, if you really want a realistic scenario, at absolute BEst A general Area. something aking to a kill box, The exception to this would be Airfields or other such very obvious strategic sites that are going to be obviosly going to be defended at all times by a Air Defense layer , otherwise its not so simple to obtain intelligence to be actionable to act on it fast enough, particularily if SAm sites are careful with thier radar Operation.

C) Attacking sam sites still easier in DCS because they just leave thier radar on all day. Skilled Sam operators would be able to play a cat and mouse game.

Just look how Scott O Grady was shot down over Bosnia. the Serbs used thier radars sparingly to avoid being targeted by SEAD aircraft. but long enough to detect a target and turned it off. 2 F16 pilots onm a routine No fly zone patrol dismissed the Brief spike as a RWR false alarm. It was not an area known for SAM sites, Serbs launched a Missile from an SA6 when they flew directly overhead ( in ideal engagement range) , Turned on Radar and locked target after the fact. not giving The Pilot enough time to react to pop CM or perform any defensive maneuvers. 1 pilot was shot down from 2 missiles fired.



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