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Default Really struggling with throttle control in Case 1

I've recently started spending more time with the F/A-18 I've owned for ages but not flown much, and decided the best way to get to know the plane and have fun was some carrier ops. However, all I got was a lot of frustration and a couple of hours of going around and around and never catching a wire (plus hitting the back of the ship a few times). Now, I'm not a carrier landing expert by any means but I can reliably get the F-14 down in a messy but recognizable Case 1.

The Hornet however comes apart for me when trying to set descent rate. I'm downwind, dirty, trimmed to AoA and then the problem starts. I get +/-1000fpm descent rate variations with what feel like tiny throttle adjustments, and there's so much lag in the descent rate response to throttle input (both accelerating and decelerating) that I find it impossible to not get into a cycle of overcorrecting. The plane feels so floaty and gives me nothing to judge a throttle response by. I got to a point where I can bounce my way around the finals turn at about the right altitude, but when I roll out into the groove and need to change throttle setting again, I either soar over the ship or sink below deck level. I can't settle the descent rate in such a short time window and any attempt at last minute corrections are disastrous.

I thought it might be my control setup, but I have a Thrustmaster TWCS which has a very long and smooth travel, which should be good for making small adjustments.

I do have similar issues in the Tomcat but nowhere near as bad (I trapped fine second go while being really out of practice). Maybe the engines respond faster, or the inertia of the heavier plane makes it less bouncy. Also the F-14 lands with the airbrakes out, and has DLC, both of which are a huge help.

I expect most of this is "practice until you get it" and that's fair enough. But I wanted to see if there's something obvious I might be doing wrong, or something I can do in control setup to make my life easier while trying to learn this.

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