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Cold War 1947 - 1991

* This server focuses on the MiG-21 and F-5 mainly, while featuring strikers and helicopters as well.

Server IP:


I have two projects running on the server:

Skirmish Missions:
Air-To-Air and Air-To-Ground objectives in 13 different missions that offer various scenarios. Each mission runs for 4 to 8 hours, then a rotation takes place and the next mission is up.

Dynamic Campaign:
Once in a while I take the 12 missions out of the server and launch the dynamic one. The dynamic campaign/mission is pretty much like BlueFlag by BuddySpike. However it focuses on the MiG-21 and F-5 mainly, plus featuring strikers (except for the A-10C and the Harrier) and helicopters.

Server Specifications:
Processor: Intel i7-4790K
Cores/Threads 4c/8t
Frequency: 4GHz / 4.4GHz
RAM: 32GB, DDR3, 1333MHz
Disks: 1 x 240 GB SSD (Only for Windows and DCS - nothing else!)
Bandwidth: 250 Mbps
Symmetric up/down

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