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Originally Posted by Kirk66 View Post
I finally PDF'd my old F-4 TOs and put them on Google Drive. Link is:


These were current for the ARN-101 F-4E as of August 1987. TO 1F-4E-1 is the basic flight manual including checklists and emergency procedures - start memorizing the BOLD FACE!, TO 1F-4E-34-1-1 is the basic weapons delivery manual, and TO 1F-4E-34-1-1-2 is the supplemental weapons manual that covers using the ARN-101 Digital Modular Avionics System and the AN/AVQ-26 Pave Tack targeting pod. Also has procedures for the GBU-15 TV glide bomb.

As time permits, I'll PDF my training handouts that go into actually using all the fun toys in the jet, and the tactics we used at the time.



Eagerly looking forward to downloading these (and the rest of your documentation when it becomes available). This is quite the Xmas gift for both Belsimtek and the flight sim community at large I’m sure.
Thanks very much for helping us Phans

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