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Originally Posted by Drubeard View Post
I have tried everything, verifying the integrity of the cache, unistalling, deleting all folders, reinstalling, installing on different drives, GPU is updated, have reinstalled steam, reverted to all availible beta's, and the game will still not launch, clicking play game will result in steam displaying it as "Running" for about 4 seconds,but no window will open at all, then it will act as if never opened on Steam.

Any solutions?
same here
dcs world 2.5.3. OB start screen appears for 2 seconds (700 MB loading approx) and quit
in the saved games folder it use DCS folder but no error report in the log file, no crash file
(earlier 2.5.0. OB-Steam worked well, current non-steam-OB 2.5.3. runs well)

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