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Originally Posted by Bunny Clark View Post
Yah, I tried this a bunch of times too. I've been able to complete it with a few different sratigies, but only one has proved to be repeatedly workable:

Come in low and fast right behind the Tomahawks, pop up just enough to line up with the helos and get above frag height, make a single pass on the target dropping all your bombs, then turn hard and flee back to the Stennis has fast as your remaining fuel allows. Ignore the MiGs, they'll chase you hard, but if you stay fast enough shouldn't be able to get a good shot on you. Eventually you'll get under cover of the fleet CAP or escort ships and they'll splash the MiGs. Ignore the temptation to turn and fight the MiGs, you're outnumbered, and in the time it takes to make the 180 turn to engage you'll end up in a really bad spot. If you really want to not flee the whole way back, wait until friendlies are engaging the MiGs then turn around and catch any distracted stragglers, but it's still risky and you'll be low on fuel.
I'll try this tactic when I get back to home base, always up for adding some new tools to the box.


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