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Originally Posted by Livers View Post
Way to wreck a set of batteries. No ground power available?

... its been a while since my last previous C101 flight, so I made a few mistakes:

(a) When starting the engine I forgot to put the throttle on idle, so the engine died on the first start attempt; I had to wait for the turbine to spool down and then made another attempt.

(b) When contacting the tower, I tried to tune the ILS receiver to the Tower frequency (131 MHz), before realizing that I was confusing the ILS with the VHF Radio.

(c) On the landing approach I found that I hadn┬┤t binded the flaps nor the airbrakes to my HOTAS, so the landing was made at a dangerously high speed

Well, at least it was an enjoyable sightseeing Little flight ... the New Caucasus is really awesome

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