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Hello everyone,

If you are interested in flying DCS as realistic as virtually possible, we invite you to take a look at our TAWDCS CVW-88 Battalion.

We are looking for fairly experienced pilots who already have the basics of flying and basic US NAVY procedures in their minds and fingertips.
If you want to go 'balls to the wall' realistic, our friendly community may be the right place for you.

Currently we fly only at European times, but we have several members from outside Europe as well, so if your time schedule allows you to fly at our times, you are more than welcome to join as well.

Check out this link for more information:
www.TAWDCS.org ### JOINT TASK FORCE JTF-88 ### PC: i7 - 32Gb RAM - GTX 1080Ti - TM Warthog Stick and Throttle - MFG Crosswind Black - TrackIR5 - Buddy Fox UFC

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