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Originally Posted by Art-J View Post
I guess he meant the only one major retexturing and bugfixing update we got last summer, while the few previous other, small ones, didn't improve the map all that much really (or even made some things worse, like the infamous stones scattered all over the airbases at some point).
AFAIK, bases were in the end more than expected, not to mention updated several times. We got the "British bases", unforeseen at first. They included Jersey islands, out of the scope of detailed map. We got railways and trains, unforeseen. That just from my memory, but there was a lot more for sure. And then, what you call the only major retexturing and bugfixing. That's not "one and only update" IMO, but who knows.

Originally Posted by Art-J View Post
The recently advertized Normandy overhaul sounds promising, but these are just words, not to be taken at face value. How many customers are going to wait to see what Ugra can deliver now for Normandy before purchasing Syria remains to be seen.

You all seem to forgot all the time what Normandy map means. Remember, the Normandy map was promised by Luthier in the infamous kickstarter, and taken over by ED to honour a promise done by others who took the money. The originally promised map was meant to be much smaller than what we have now, that means ED paid a third party to do so in a bigger and better way that was meant to be, just to honour the kickstarter, so that means many out there didn't pay for the map and assets because they already did pledge to KS. And not only they got what they pledged for, they got a better thing that was promised as originally planed by Luthier the map was ridiculous and unplayable. All of that came from ED pockets mate, and you doubt now about "their word" .

Don't get me wrong, it is not like I don't know the map could be bigger and better, and it is not I wouldn't like it to be bigger and better, but I remember mate, I remember what we have and WHY we have it, and how we could have nothing now.

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