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I am always surprised when people see secrecy and surprise as an universally good marketing tactic. That might work when you have a million followers eagerly waiting for your next product, or an equally big budget for advertising.

Nobody has made a Pacific War sim since 2004(!). The F4U could be a good opportunity to bring new people into DCS, from the civil sim world and others. But people must know about your plans to get excited. Currently we only know that M3L will eventually release the F4U-1D someday, is making a carrier that never operated F4U-1Ds and that their follow on module will not be something that fits the Corsair, but a F8 Crusader.

It's hard to see any coherent plan. Are the carrier and Corsair just leftovers from previous more grandiose plans? With the same effort they could have made a Korean war/late WW2 F4U-4 and Essex class CV to expand the DCS Korea plane set, instead of starting something new.

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