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While a "little fun thought experiment", I think there is something to be thought about in here.

Utility aircraft, especially tactical transports or CSAR helicopters etc are slow and barely maneuver. While they do pose a larger radar signature, if flying very low, they might not be easily detectable. I would also consider the "wtf is that?" moment of the F-22 pilot, and the difficulty of measuring the target aircrafts energy state, direction of motion and especially speed, since these kinds of targets are not the norm. A target that is significantly larger or smaller than what you are used to is more difficult to judge distance to and the speed of. In a quick one-shot situation this might be the million-dollar luck the defensive aircraft needs to avoid the instant kill, try to get out of sight and pray for a safe RTB.

Now of course, there will never be a real fight between the F-22 and the Fokker, but some aspects may still translate to other engagements. A leaker aircraft meets a supportive aircraft in the visual arena... might be the pilot is not prepared, and won't put up his/her A-game.

Taking the OP setup, I feel the F-22 pilot's worst mistake would be to try to dogfight the Fokker. Slow, light aircraft turn in such a small area that there is no contest there. Then again, with even a little common sense, the F-22 pilot pulls to the vertical and the Fokker is unable to do anything anymore. This not taking into account the likely disintegration of the Fokker due to the forces emitted by the F-22 close by...

A funny thought experiment in any case.

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