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Originally Posted by pepin1234 View Post
I respect your opinion. I still think Ka-50 single pilot must be a project for the future. Probably the versatility in heavy combat is not the best field for this version but have such helicopter with a single pilot is for me a must have. Maybe the ka-50 was too ahead for the time. Actually with the new Russian avionic could become a real serie production
Do you realize that you can, with the datalink, spot targets, mark them on your ABRIS, then very easily plan and program an attack-route - that does or doesn't even fly you into the enemies engagement areas.

Then hit "Rout follow" and just ride along and do the gunning.
I personaly do not think the KA-50 has a too big work-load for a single pilot.
Sertanly not when it's not flown by a single pilot, but as part of a data-linked squadron of pilots, as it is supposeed to do.

It is truly an amazing piece of military hardwear.
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