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Converter should be working, but keep in mind I never actually got around to pushing that built out of the "development" branch. So make sure you are using a file from here: https://github.com/mrSkortch/Mission...ee/development

As for the radio transmission, I think it would be doable. It would be an extra set of parameters on an already complicated scripting function though. Radio transmissions are quite separated from triggered messages and sounds, so I'd be more inclined to create a new function to do it. I probably would give it the ability to do transmissions from units if desired. I've got the perfect mission to test it out on.

Chromium, I'll look into it. As a quick fix you could probably make the units drive a little bit. If they spawn on a building, whenever the unit moves it gets teleported back to ground level. It might be a complicated mess in the future due to all the new trees on Caucuses and the tree positioning isn't exactly detectable.
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