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Originally Posted by Ironhand View Post
No, it's not. Had you pulled thru the AoA limiter (modeled as the "Y" key) you would have been in the 30°/sec range just before that.

Speaking of 30°/sec, that video you linked has me puzzled. It seems to suggest that the Flanker in question turned 360° in 12 seconds. If that's actually the case, then it somehow held its max instantaneous turn rate for the entire turn which seems to be a contradiction.
Correct. It seems to be in contradiction to DCS, in which you said you were just able to achieve 30 deg/s as ITR (that is maximum capable for a split of a second at very low fuel, no loadout and rapid AoA onset), which in reality is the average turn rate, below the highest ITR (at corner speed where it started turning) and above the lowest ITR (where the turn ends).

Guess for yourself which is wrong, reality or...? The video is untouched in terms of frames/second or timing and it's not the only video proving the same qualities of the Flanker's turning performance.

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