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Default LEAVU

What is LEAVU2?

Lockon External Avionics Upgrade 2.0 is a mod being developed for Fc2

LEAVU2 is a software package written in JAVA designed to be used for displaying
interactive cockpit flight instruments and ingame data on external screens.
OpenGL is used to render LEAVU2 2D and 3D instruments, and keyboard
and mouse input is captured to allow for interactive user input.
Touch screens are also fully supported, as is running the software on multiple
separate computers connecting to the same game computer.

( Thank you Schizwiz for making the video! )

LEAVU2 aims to provide a high performance and low cpu usage solution for displaying
these instruments realtime, at high enough framerates such that they will be
performance wise indistinguishable from ingame instruments when playing.

Data is sent from lockon to LEAVU2 over maintained tcp connections at high update
rates, and there is support for multiple display computers connecting to the same
game computer. If a connection is lost at any time, LEAVU2 will automatically try
to repair that connection. One example is for example when restarting missions.

There are also thoughts for supporting data input into the sim from LEAVU2
through lua commands directly to lockon, but that is currently not implemented.

LEAVU2 has support for any touch screen or normal screens.
Cockpit instruments can be drawn both with a GUI ( buttons etc ) and window frame, or
if preferred, as a pure OpenGL display. Each display and instrument can also optionally
support mouse and/or keyboard input directly, which can allow you to build a physical
cockpit setup around them.


Development of LEAVU is open source and source code is available at: http://kenai.com/projects/leavu2

Right now I'm looking for help in drawing 3d models for cockpit gauges and texturing these models.
If you want to contribute to the leavu project we would appreciate all help, remember this project is fully open
for anyone to view or contribute to, and it doesnt cost anything.

Installation and download links
Current version Leavu 2.2010.03.25 available at http://yoda.reservoirselite.com/YoPack/
Currently only manual installation available. An installer program might be created later if there is a lot of interest.

Operating systems supported
I have confirmed full functionality on these OSes :
Win7 pro 32
Win7 pro 64

currently keyboard input is not supported under linux.

Current projects

* LEAVU steam gauges and other analogue instruments ( on pause ).
At this point only has one working instrument, one half finished ADI and
waiting to find people who want to model more.

* LEAVU F-1x MFD project. By Yoda, GrayGhost, Moa and Hannibal
This project aims to provide a mix of F-16/F-15 style MFD for the lockon
F-15. Given the F-15 MPCD being very classified, and we only have a few
pictures of its navigation, weapons and datalink pages, we use the F-16
MLU as a reference. This means we will get a little less powerful MFD/datalink,
but this is sufficient for our purposes.
We currently have the following interactive MFD pages : HSD, SMS, FCR and RWR

* LEAVU datalink, provides data for the MFD project above

* LEAVU threat specific TEWS/RWR sounds. Think Falcon4 how it has specific threat sounds
depending on what threat type it sees. Leavu2 has this same capability, to replace the ingame
RWR sounds with a much wider and realistic variety of threat sounds. You will need to provide
the audio files yourself however.

If you want to contribute with your own LEAVU module.
Then please do so! make it happen

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