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Q: What form of copy protection does the product utilize?

A: The currently available English download and boxed releases of DCS: Black Shark both utilize StarForce ProActive copy protection technology. The products require online activation, which is done automatically if internet connection is available. Black Shark can also be activated via eMail or the StarForce website.

If StarForce detects changes to your computer hardware/software as described below, an activation will be required. The English versions include 8 (eight) activations and 10 (ten) deactivations. It's important to note that deactivations are utilized to save your activations when altering your PC hardware/software. Before conducting a PC upgrade/OS re-install, you can deactivate the product and when complete, reactivate without a loss of activations.

An activation will be required if the hardware/software changes exceed 12 points as rated below:

CPU ID: 13
Windows PID: 3
Computer Name: 3
Hard drive volume serial number: 3
MAC address: 6
RAM amount: 6

If you just uninstall Black Shark and then reinstall it again on the same PC without reinstalling your operating system or changing hardware, you do not need to use a deactivation.

Also note that both the download and boxed DVD versions use StarForce ProActive which doesn’t install drivers or other system modules. The DVD version does not rely on DVD check, and there is no way to launch it via disk check.

For further details on the copy protection system, please see the StarForce FAQ:

In addition, a step-by-step (de)activation guide is available below and will also be included in the product documentation:

StarForce provides an option for manual online activation. For those using the Russian version of the release, a quick guide for manual activation can be found here:

We are evaluating the possibility of providing an additional version of the western release, utilizing Steam technologies.

Owners of the Russian version in case of StarForce problems (excluding activation problems) should contact directly 1C: Multimedia support service (mmedia.hotline{at}1c.ru) with a copy to (support{at}digitalcombatsimulator.com). 1C should forward your request to StarForce support service. It's necessary to include Black Shark registration number in the message body. You can find it in the registration form included in the box.
If neither 1C support nor StarForce answers, please let us know.
It doesn't apply to the owners of the Russian downloadable version. You should contact us directly.

Description of activation log records on Serial Number parameters page
One activates, deactivates and then reactivates the Black Shark:
Activation - a new record Activated, let's call it №1;
Deactivation - a new record №2 Deactivated;
Reactivation - record №2 changes from Deactivated to Reactivated and a new record №3 appears Activated.
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