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Fixed DGFT radar scan pattern (vertical scan)
Fixed datalink receiving message from F-16 issue

Adjusted datalink message broadcast rate
Improved C701 and WMD7 camera track stability
Updated checklist page
Adjusted FM (Cm0, fuel flow etc)
Corrected ISA max rate limit
Enriched transonic pitching moment
Notice: the path for DPLAYER and Customized Warning sound sdef/audio files has been changed.
Adjusted the layout of special options
Updated RU locales
Added click operation for g-suit tube connection (see attached picture)
Added click operation for seat height adjust
Added airfield Tacan info in kneeboard page

Added 250kg bombs (single Mk82, GBU-12, Type-200) to JF-17 inner(3/5) stations
Fixed J-11A strobe light effect
Fixed JF-17 eject canopy texture issue
Added 071 Transport Dock
allows two helicopters to take-off (AI, players) at the same time
includes 6 liveries
Fixed navy units model bugs
Renamed navy units: Type_052B, Type_052C, Type_054A, Type_071, Type_093 (Livery folders are also updated to match new unit names)
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