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I now attach an even simpler mission to verify the bug. You don't need to own the Channel map or the WWII asset pack, only the P-51D module. How to reproduce bug:

1) Run the mission on a server.
2) Join the mission on a separate (important, same computer as server and client will not crash) computer as a client.
3) Fly around the target (at X-abandoned airfield) until the wingmen report tally of the armored vehicle.
4) Then use radio menu F2,F2,F1 (flight, engage, ground targets) to have them engage the armor. After a second or so the client will freeze/crash, the server doesn't crash.

To avoid misunderstandings:

This mission does not crash if played in single player, or in MP with server and client on the same computer.
It does not crash if the wingmen are loaded with guns only, but no bombs.

I also attached the latest crash dump. Any feedback will be appreciated, whether you could reproduce the bug or not, both types of info will be very helpful. Or even if there is any other info I could provide. Helping out will take only 5 mins.

Muchas gracias, vielen Dank, merci beaucoup, spasibo..
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