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Default Supercarrier FAQ

Dear all,

We have been reading all your great feedback and questions on DCS: Supercarrier, and we wanted to create a FAQ to consolidate all of our answers. We will continue to read all of your questions, and we will update this FAQ. Please keep 'em coming.


Will Supercarrier support the F-14 Tomcat at Early Access release?

We are working with Heatblur to make this happen and we are making progress. While we cannot promise 100% that it will be ready for the Early Access launch, it will certainly be ready in short order thereafter.

Will plane directors marshal players and the AI to catapults?

Yes this is in the design specification of the module but will come after the initial Early Access release.

We also plan to have a plane director guide aircraft out of their parking location and hand off the aircraft to another plane director to guide the aircraft to the catapult.
Once the aircraft is close behind the jet blast deflector, the aircraft is then passed off to the plane director on the catapult.

Once an aircraft lands, we will also include a plane director to guide them off the landing area.

Will you include a salute animation for the Hornet pilot?

Yes, we are currently updating the pilot models for the Hornet and the Viper, and we plan to include some animations. This will come after the initial Early Access release.

Is there also a key command for the Salute?

Yes, it’s Left Shift+Left Ctrl+S.

Can you collide with the deck crew?

No, at the initial Early Access release they have no collision model. Later, we hope to add a form of self-preservation logic to avoid collisions.

Will the elevators work?

Yes, they will work automatically for the AI to move aircraft off the deck to prevent over-crowding. Later with the inclusion of the Air Boss station, we will also allow players to manually raise and lower them.

Will the hangar be included?

Yes, and modeling is already underway. However, given that pilots never get into or out of their aircraft in the hangars, this is a lower priority and is scheduled for a later date.

Will red shirt ordnance animations be included?

We have no such plans at this time due to the unrealistically large investment required to support all weapon types and the huge permutations of placement on the aircraft.

How will aircraft be moved around the deck for cyclic operations?

Actual movement is not possible for static aircraft and deck crew given their nature as static. However, using the Mission Editor, adding a simple static despawn event for such units is planned.

How is the performance?

A lot will depend on your computer, how the deck is populated, and level of detail of the models used to populate the deck. However, given that the carrier is at sea, there is no terrain or ground objects to render like an airbase. It goes without saying that the larger the number of high poly count aircraft on deck the bigger the hit.

Why is Supercarrier not free or included with the Hornet?

A tremendous amount of time, effort, and capital has gone into this sophisticated module, and more is still do come. The development cost of Supercarrier rivals many of our aircraft modules. To include it with the Hornet would drive up the cost of the Hornet well over a $100. Please also note that we provided an all new carrier with the release of the Hornet at no extra cost.

How will deck crew night launch operations be supported?

We are working on the addition of glow sticks and aircraft light flash signals. Vests also have reflective patches. This will probably come after the initial Early Access release.

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