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Dear Friends,

I promised that I would give you an update about my upcoming projects. I'm not giving any timelines, because it all depends on DCS updates and new modules, and I don't know any more about these than any of you does. Half a year ago, I thought my Tomcat campaign would be released by now, but we're still waiting for the carrier and the "A" model - just to give you an example. So, without further ado, these are the projects you can count on in the upcoming year(s):


I've mentioned this before, a fictional, cold war gone hot campaign for the F-14A Tomcat, set over the Black Sea in 1989. The campaign is 99% complete, it's just waiting for the required moduels to be released. It will use the SC, but I'm planning to include an alternate version using the Stennis/ Forrestal. You'll also be able to play it with a human RIO if you wish. I'm so excited about this one, I pushed my limits far beyond my previous works. It will be so heavily story driven that it will feel more like being the main character of Top Gun 2 as a miniseries than just flying a set of missions. Each carachter will have their own personality and you will know them by their names after a few missions. Oh, and I added a whole lot of easter eggs and pop culture references to give you that 80s feeling. Oh yeah, baby!


A historical campaign for the P-47 Thunderbolt and the new Channel map. I just finished the research phase of this one. I'm planning to recreate some missions flown by the 56th Fighter Group down to the smallest details. I have dozens of original combat reports and a few books, so you will re-live exactly whatever those brave young men went through in the spring of 1944 - as much as the simulation permits. No Hollywood action movie here, prepare to be a tiny part of a giant war machine.


After releasing "Jagdflieger" I got many messages asking for a similar campaign for the Fw-190. So once the channel map is out, I will start working on a sequel to Jagdflieger. I have some creative ideas for the missions, you'll see a great variety of them, not just dogfights and intercepts. It will make use of the versatility of the Anton.


A semi-historical campaign for the Mosquito. You'll fly as the squadron leader of a Mossie squadron, piloting an aircraft called "G for Georgie", and carry out sorties based on real life events. It will be a bit of a mix of all kinds of missions flown by these aircrew. This is not realistic, as they would be specialized in one or the other, but that would make quite a dull campaign. So I chose to gather the most common mission types as well as the most thrilling ones and put them in the same bouquet. I've read a lot about the Mossie, and some of these sorties are beyond anything Hollywood could have come up with. You will see

Of course I will keep polishing my current campaigns and updating them with new aircraft types as they get released (JU-88, P-47, Mosquito, B-26) . On a sidenote, I will be needing British, US and German voice actors for these projects, so if you feel like being a part of them, just shoot me a message.

Thank you for all the support, I really appreciate all the feedback, and I love hearing about your experience with my campaigns. Stay safe, and happy landings!


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