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I added an update on the first post for

A bit more than usual has changed in this version, so I made some other changes too:
- Compatibility with DCS World version (16.2.2020)
- Restored original sun flare
- Added simplified version of histogram calculation (previously it was removed completely)
- Above can be turned off with ENABLE_SIMPLE_HG setting (disabling it will do the "full" histogram the game defaults to, which is quite heavy)
- Removed the sRGB fix as the game seems to have some other workaround for it now
- ENABLE_SIMPLE_SHADOWS now limits the sample count to 10 instead of 16

Some of the new water improvements in 2.5.6 seem to rely on the removed GBuffer so those likely will not be visible with this mod. But since the that buffer has also grown in 2.5.6 to 4 instead of 2 channels you might see even better performance with the mod now, though its partially offset by having to restore the histogram calculation to get the new lighting working right... The lighting changes seems to have done something to the NVG too, but it seems the 2.5.6 lighting is quite wonky anyway and you can see fine without NVG even at moonless nights.

With the original sun flare being restored the simplified glass also has the fake "flare" removed which should improve issues with gauges readability. Similarily there has been changes in the shadows in DCS which now by default use only 16 instead of 32 samples. So I changed the ENABLE_SIMPLE_SHADOWS to reduce that even further to 10 which now seem to look fine still.

The sRGB fix was also removed as the game has some other workaround for it (oddly still using wrong sRGB conversion method). Because of this you no longer need to use as high gamma as before.

With 2.5.6 being a bit of a mess its difficult to test this version well but it seems to work in a few scenarios I tested it with
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