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Default DCS: Superсarrier now available for Pre-Order

DCS: Superсarrier now available for Pre-Order

We are pleased to announce that DCS: Supercarrier is available for pre-order with great savings! Pre-order DCS: Supercarrier and save 30% off the $49.99 retail value. Owners of DCS: F/A-18C Hornet will receive an additional 20% off, for a total savings of 50%. This is on top of ED Miles you may apply.

The pre-order and savings are only available from the DCS World e-Shop

DCS: Supercarrier includes:
  • Highly detailed and animated Nimitz-class aircraft carrier that includes the USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Abraham Lincoln, and the USS George Washington. While in early access, additional ships of the sub-class will be added.
  • Fully modelled sensors and weapon systems.
  • Interactive carrier radio communications that includes CASE I, CASE
  • II, and CASE III flight operations that range from daylight/good weather
  • landings to night-time/foul weather operations.
  • Animated deck crew to launch aircraft from all four catapults.
  • Occupy the Landing Signal Officer (LSO) station with integrated landing camera. This also has the option to play in VR.
  • Numerous deck starting locations for aircraft in multiplayer.
  • New static objects for the Supercarrier that includes static deck crew and support equipment.

The DCS: Supercarrier module also includes the Russian Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, and the Su-33 Flanker D fighter.

The Lunar New Year Sale
Starting today, you can save up to 50% on most DCS World modules until January 27th. We will also be taking part in Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale; check Steam for the Lunar Sale start date and duration.

The DCS World e-Shop will also feature the Naval Warfare bundle for just $64.99 that includes DCS: F/A-18C and DCS: Supercarrier (Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier, Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, and the Su-33).

Head over to our E-shop to save on most of our library of aircraft, terrain and campaigns:

Open Beta Update
This week saw our first update since the holiday break, and the team jumped right back into action. Here are some of the highlights:
  • WIP version of the AI short-range missile Scud-B launcher
  • Many DCS: F-16C fixes that include INS adjustments
  • Numerous fixes for the DCS: F/A-18C and other ED modules
  • 3rd Party fixes for DCS: JF-17, DCS: AJS-37, and campaign fixes

You can read the entire changelog here.

As always, thank you all for your continued support!
The ED Team
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