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Default 1.16 Rule discussion

Dear all,
We are trying to continually review and adapt all our rules to best serve the community, one that has been very tough has been 1.16, and the sharing of documents related to aircraft, sensors and weapons. As such we have made the following change in order to allow a little more freedom:

1.16. Posting of images, file links, file sharing links, and copying and pasting information is prohibited if the source document is from a classified or ITAR controlled source. When posting aircraft, sensor or weapon information more recent than 1980, you must also include the source of the document showing that it is 100% public and verified as not from a classified or non-ITAR controlled source. To not do so will result in the removal of the message. Posting information from a classified or ITAR-controlled source will result in the message being removed and a 20% warning and one-week suspension (dependent on warning level).

We realize there are a number of documents out there that people can share and reference freely, and now would like to be able to give people the chance to do so. You will still be required to post the link to the legally shared document as stated in the rule, but we hope this will afford our users some more freedom when posting about issues and concerns with DCS Modules.

Feel free to ask any questions about this rule, if you have concerns about past moderation of this rule, please PM me or someone else on the moderation team in private.

The ED Team
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