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Default DCS Open Beta

DCS World
  • MP. Fixed Server Crash at woAIPlane::set_Air_Target_Offset
  • ME. Remade a saving payloads from external mission procedure.

  • Harpoon will switch back to BOL from R/BL mode when a target point is no longer available
  • Initial release of the AGM-62 Walleye, WIP
  • F/A-18C net phantom ladder will not extended into flight.

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fixed Padlock not working
  • Fixed CTD on back to spectator after flight is delayed
  • Possibly fixed CTD when using ACLS/Autothrottle - please give us feedback.
  • Fixed untracked contacts in TWS not timing out
  • Added F-16 to the RWR threat library.
  • Added HQ-7 to the RWR threat library.
  • Slightly reduced drag while maneuvering to improve maneuvering performance above Mach 1
  • Further improvement of internal FM Test Systems
  • Adjusted high drag penalties for fully deployed slats/flaps at high speeds
  • Tweaks to buffet and full flap/slat deployment drag at high speed
  • Small adjustment to AB thrust at mach 1.2

DCS AJS-37 by Heatblur Simulations
  • Fix to 80% ground collision-warning always on in HÖJD mode.
  • Fix to ejection not working.
  • Fix to intermittent CTD when using Weapon selector + LD-Bombs.
  • Fixed CTD related to changing cartridges.

  • Restored the extending boarding ladder.

  • Low and Out Warning now played for both Chaff and Flare
  • Paddle switch change reference pitch and roll attitude in addition to altitude.
  • Fixed KIAS calculation in FLCC, fixed low speed warning tone.
  • Tone sounds update.
  • Low speed warning tone has priority over LG warning horn.
  • UHF backup panel - wrong numbers on frequency window fixed.
  • Default radios to SQL.
  • Implemented basic IFF
  • IFF contacts on FCR page, wip
  • Added current interrogating status to OSB16
  • Added emergency jettison, WIP.

  • Is now possible to assign joystick next commands:

    - Cargo Hatch View
    - Set Gunner Seat
    - Show Gunners Panel

  • A-10C Sturmovik campaign - fixed bug with frequency.
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