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Originally Posted by anfieldmarauder View Post
I have purchased the F14 by Heatblur and cannot get it to be picked up by the DCS World programme AND finally, I have also purchased VEAO Hawk..and that requires an older version of DCS World...trouble is I can't find a download for it, and every version i have found gets over written by the updater?
I wonder how you were able to purchase the Hawk, as its been not available on the e-shop for quite a while now. If you purchased it recently then I suggest to raise a support ticket to see if you are elegible for a refund or not.

Now, if you do want to really use both aircrafts, you will need two separate installs of DCS, one for the tomcat and a different one for the hawk .. so be sure to have enough space on your hard drive proceed as follows:

1) download the latest openbeta version of dcs and install it: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...ds/world/beta/

Connect on this version with your ED credentials and then open its module manager to download the F-14 on it.

2) download the latest stable version of dcs and install it:

To disable the automatic update, edit the windows shortcut so that instead of pointing to dcs_updater.exe, points instead to dcs.exe ... be careful to not confuse the shortcut withe the one of the openbeta version.

3) now, update the stable version to the older 2.5.3 version ... for that, open a command prompt window with admin rights, navigate to the /program files/dcs/bin folder and there run this command:

Dcs_updater update 2.5.3@release

If you dont know how to open the command prompt, check this guide: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=114030

Good luck
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