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Default Oculus Rift S With DCS World Discussion

Hey everyone,

Oculus was kind enough to send us a couple Rift S kits to ensure best performance in DCS World. Based on the previews I've been reading from GDC, I was expecting more of a lateral quality move, with added inside-out tracking. However, compared to the Rift, I'm seeing a significantly higher resolution in DCS World where instrumentation is much easier to read, as well as spotting units outside the cockpit. Looking around the Hornet cockpit, I can read EVERYTHING. I'm very impressed with the DCS World experience in the Rift S. Inside-out tracking has been flawless for me, and Rift S setup could not be easier. If you are a Rift owner, I'd certainly suggest taking a very hard look at the Rift S; I find the experience considerably better.

Oculus has not asked me to write this, nor compensated in any way. I'm just a bit giddy after just flying with it.

Also, I’m sure you’re asking: where is the VR performance boost!? It’s coming. The VR optimization of the Caucasus map is done, and now the team is optimizing the other maps for improved VR performance. Once done and tested, we’ll release this in a future Open Beta.

I'm starting a new sticky for this impressive device.

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