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Hey everyone,

After talking with the team today, I’m afraid that we’ll have to push the JDAM back a bit for several reasons:
  • Still some issues to resolve in the flight dynamics and auto-pilot when the bomb is released near or at maximum range.
  • We need more time to test.
  • We need to ensure that this new code will not break any 3rd party aircraft.

We will though still have an Open Beta tomorrow that will include LTWS and other elements.
While we are all disappointed that we can release the JDAM tomorrow, there is just too high a chance of it causing significant DCS-wide problems. If all looks good, we plan to release the JDAM in an Open Bea on 10 April 2019.

In a related matter, we will be moving Hornet updates to a monthly event, rather than generally every two weeks. We simply need more time for proper testing to avoid bugs, break other products, and avoid the need for hot fixes. While waiting is always hard to do, this will ultimately provide a more stable and solid product.

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