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Lightbulb +++ multi language support +++

+++ multi language support +++

Latest plugin release now has a full dictionary import/export function. meaning it is now also ready to support other languages.
(Microsoft Speech Recognition is available in English (US/UK), French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese).
Using the plugins keywords editor, users can translate the default keyword dictionary to their language and export their .csv file for backup and sharing with the community.

So, wanted: translators!

People already did a great job with tackling Spanish
Check out dictionaries by @Japo32, @Mosqui and Spanglish/Latino by @ofcross

If you are inspired to share your keywords dictionary translation (French? German, anyone?),
make sure to upload your .csv export file to ED's User Files section with a 'VAICOM' tag added so people will easily be able to find it.
Of course let me know and I will share the links here also. Happy translating!

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VAICOM PRO plugin for DCS World

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