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Mission of the Week
Red Flag Iron Hand

This week's mission takes place in the Nevada map as part of a Red Flag exercise.

Due to the large file size, it cannot be attached. Please use this link:


Your flight is one component of a larger strike into RED territory that consists of fighter sweeps (F-15C), strike (Tornados), and SEAD/DEAD (F/A-18C and F-16CJ). Your flight targets are two SA-6 SAM sites 20 nm southeast of Tonopah. These threats must be eliminated prior to the Tornado flights crossing the fence.

RED air activity is expected to be high and consist of MiG-29, Su-27, and MiG-23.

Note 1: This mission uses real radio traffic from a Red Flag exercise, but it is solely for atmosphere and has no bearing on the mission you are flying.

Note 2: This can be a difficult mission with numerous threats and allied flights. This is designed for experienced Hornet pilots.

If you enjoy this mission, be sure to check out the Red Flag campaigns for the A-10C, F-15C, AJS-37 Viggen, and M-2000C on our e-Shop and Steam.


Destruction of Straight Flush SA-6 SAM radars at WYPT 7 and 8.

In addition to the two SA-6 SAM sites, two MiG-23 Floggers fron the Red Eagles squadron will scample out of Tonopah AFB to intercept you. Both aircraft must be splashed.


Strike: COMM 1 Channel 1 124.00
Nellis Tower: COMM 1 Channel 2 132.550
AWACS E-3 Darkstar: COMM 2 Channel 1 127.000
Tanker Arco: COMM 2 Channel 2 130.000

Chevy 1 and 2: F-15C north and south CAPs
Chevy 3 and 4: F-15C sweep
Colt 3 and 4: F-16CJ SEAD/DEAD
Colt 7 and 8: F/A-18C SEAD/DEAD
Uzi 1, 2, and 3: Tornado Strike
Arco 1 and 2: S-3B tankers
Texaco 1 and 2: KC-135 tankers
Pontiac 1: C-130 Compass Call

TACAN Nellis 12X

Startup: 00:25:00Z
Taxi: 00:38:00Z
Takeoff: 00:42:00Z
Strike marshal at Waypoint 4
Push: 01:04:00Z at .75M

A/A Waypoint - Bullseye: Waypoint 7

WPDSG: Waypoint 7 SA-6 South
37-28-49N / 116-27-32E/5105 FT

WPDSG: Waypoint 8 SA-6 North
37-37-15N / 116-28-00E/5328 FT
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