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Default DCS Open Beta

  • F/A-18C: Fixed AGM-65E target lock issue.
  • Multimonitor: Left and Right monitors are changed is fixed.
  • VR: One eye image blinks when water set to High is fixed.
  • F/A-18C training - lesson 12 AIM-9. Default language will be EN not RU.
  • In game debrief showing dictKey for unit names instead of actual unit name is fixed.
  • Laser code panel does not close in some case is fixed.
  • ME. FOG checkbox doesn't set when weather preset with fog selected is fixed.
  • F/A-18C training - lesson 15 Rockets. Corrected an failure where RU was the default locale.
  • Mirage M-2000: Nosewheel Steering/IFF Interrogate doesn't work is fixed.
  • Christen Eagle II: DOS-window appears while CE II libraries loading is fixed.
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