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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you all a bit of a quick rundown on where we are and what we’re working on. This update will be rather short and sweet despite my previous desire to make it more meaty. This is mostly because there really isn’t that much to say and the exhaustion is setting in after a really long week.

The past couple of weeks we’ve been focused on completing the items outlined in the OP, plus some additional items that the extra time has allowed us to squeeze in. Some of the items we’ve been working on include:
  • LANTIRN completion. Our LANTIRN integration will be very complete on day one of early access, instead of having large gaps in functionality. This system has been very complex and has taken us a lot of time to implement, but will make the F-14 a much more potent strike platform on day one.

  • JESTER improvements across the board - we’ve been adding new functionality to jester, such as injury and incapacitation states, improving various callout functionality and more. If we are able, we hope to add some initial JESTER functionality for controlling LANTIRN before EA, but this may not be possible.
  • Completion of the RIO cockpit integration. We’re now integrating the last of the RIO cockpit components together in our main development branch. This is one of the last steps before we’re “done” and build our first release candidate.
  • Buuuugfiixeeees! Opening the Tomcat up to more content creators and drawing in a few more testers has yielded some great feedback and swelled our internal issue tracker. SMEs continue to weigh in on every aspect of the aircraft which continuously helps us refine our systems and FM modeling.
  • Manuals, training missions, etc. It’s still unclear of how much content we will launch with; but we’re trying to squeeze in as much as possible on day 1.

All of the above is pretty ambiguous, and not really new - but at this stage of product development, focus and effort is a little all over the place. Add some sound for that thing, fix that thing, animate that, implement that - while continuing work on existing functionality and the core pillars of the product. Most importantly, next week we will set our sights on a specific release window internally. Once we are confident and the date is set in stone, we will share and fuel up the hypetrain (because we totally need that, am I right!? )

More than anything, we’re looking forward to stopping your suffering and finally releasing. This will give us a chance to breathe (and live!) a little while we set out on our EA to Release roadmap.

In summary; we’re at the height of our release push now and we’re working literally night and day. Release candidate 1 is just around the corner. We know it’s been a long wait- so thanks for sticking with us.

Hope that sheds some light on where we stand, even if it’s (unfortunately) nothing concrete just yet.

Nicholas Dackard

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