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Originally Posted by SandMan23 View Post
While Cobra's comments are appreciated and understood, my take, said differently, they still have a lot of work to do, and are not close. Still doesn't clearly answer Kengou's question. If HB maintained the hope of a 2018 release until late December 2018 (by not communicating otherwise until the week prior to Christmas), what gives with the additional 3 months? Back to my earlier point (prior post) and only complaint in the process. Poor communication. They would have had to of known how far off they were much earlier to late December as reinforced by their now requiring the additional 3 months to finish the module and workout bugs serious enough to prevent release, scarcity of content by folks who have the module, and virtually no updates since the late December bombshell. I know there are plenty that gush all over HB and will say they stated Winter 2019 as definite, but they also said "hoping" for 2018 at the same time, and in my opinion strung us along far too long before coming clean in late December. Would have been much more tolerable if they were ready to release say end of Jan 2019. One could then say, well they were close, but this is simply not the case. 3 months past not being close and are most likely facing a crunch to even meet the Mar 20, 2019 deadline. Given Cobra's statement about commitment to quality- I expect this module to be virtually bug free upon release then. Otherwise, the additional 3 months was a crunch to finish a lot of work remaining to be completed that they should have been upfront about much earlier than late December.

Ok, I am done ranting and have given all the HB "fanboys" enough ammunition to feed off of supporting their beloved HB. It is what it is, and I have always been fine with the wait. Just not pleased with the communication.
I understand your disappointment, but it's directly at odds with how development works (at least for us). It's not a zero sum game.

what gives with the additional 3 months?
Well, e.g.:
  • LANTIRN went from being planned as barebones at EA to basically complete.
  • JESTER might be able to operate LANTIRN (not sure on this one yet)
  • New JESTER stuff (G incapacitation, injuries, more variation, more polish, bugfixing)
  • De-weathering some stuff that was too extreme
  • More custom foley soundwork
  • ..etc

The point is, we're using the additional time to add more stuff, fix more bugs, polish more things.
That doesn't mean it will be perfect (far from it!), it simply means that we can squeeze more things in that we wouldn't have managed if we launched on Dec 21st, or whatever date. It's still EA - just shades of EA.

I expect this module to be virtually bug free upon release then
You really really shouldn't expect that. Sorry. It's early access- there will be bugs. If we had marketed the F-14 as a non-EA release, then that would be reasonable.
I'm not a fan of hiding behind the EA title - and I think we approach EA a little differently than the market does these days, but please keep your expectations in check considering it is EA.

most likely facing a crunch to even meet the Mar 20, 2019 deadline
If we launch Mar 20th and will be crunching every day until then, it's only driven by our desire to make it as good as we can until launch day. The harder we work, the better it is.

I'm not sure how to describe the sheer panic of launching something that is judged by thousands of people. It's not a nice feeling.
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