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Default DCS World Newsletter - 18 January 2018

DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC Available for Download

Purchase from DCS e-shop

Fly the Christen Eagle II today! The Christen Eagle II, which later became the Aviat Eagle II in the mid-1990s, is an aerobatic biplane aircraft that has been produced in the United States since February 1977.

Designed by Frank Christensen, a veteran WW2 P-51D pilot and aerobatic competitor, it was originally built to compete with the Pitts Special. You’ll find that the Eagle is hard to beat in terms of flying excitement and adventure, and yet the ease of control allows even average pilots to feel like masters of aerobatics.

Although DCS World is a combat simulation as its focus, it is certainly not limited to only military aircraft. We are delighted to bring the Christen Eagle II and other civil aircraft into our simulation and expanding what DCS can offer.

DCS World Open Beta Update

Our first Open Beta since the holiday, this week’s update is a big one! Principle items include:
  • Launch of DCS: Christen Eagle II
  • Improved multiplayer experience when dealing with client-side packet loss.
  • Corrected Windows MR cross-eyed image.
  • F/A-18C Hornet changes:
    • added AGM-88C HARM in Self-Protect mode
    • new missions
    • improved mini-stick response for Thrustmaster Warthog throttle
    • corrected VVI indication
    • corrected LEX vapors
    • adjusted ACM mode switching
    • completed DUD cue logic
    • removed incorrect dual carriage for GBU-16.
  • Numerous updates and fixes to the M-2000C, AV-8B NA, AJS-37 Viggen, MiG-21bis, C-101, Yak-52, UH-1H, and Mi-8MTV2.
  • Updates to the L-39 Kursant, P-51D Blue Nose Bastards of Bodney, M-2000C Red Flag, A-10C Stone Shield, and Museum Relic campaigns.

You can read the full changelog here

The Eagle Dynamics Team
Nick Grey - "I have had the privilege of flying most marks of Spit, the I, V, IX, XIV, XIX and enjoyed working with Eagle to make this simulation of the IX the 'mutt's nuts'."
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