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Originally Posted by outlawal2 View Post
This has been talked about for a decade. (No I am not exaggerating)
Assuming ED continue to view this as something they want to do, I would not expect it earlier than 5 years from now...

And for the record I agree that this is the most needed aspect missing from DCS and it would make my year if they completed this earlier, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon.
For a long time we've said that a DC was more a matter of when rather than if. It is only until last year that we found a talented engineer to create "war simulation" in which the DC operates. It was only last year that we announced that it is now in development.

This is a very high-priority item for us with good progress. However, this is a highly complex undertaking and it will take time, but certainly not "5 years".

Once we have interesting and significant news to pass along on this task, we certainly will.

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