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Default Version 1.02 Update – A-4E-C Community Announcement

Version 1.02 Update – A-4E-C Community Announcement

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support and praise over the month; it’s been a surreal experience. So far, we have surpassed 16,000 downloads. It’s truly incredible how much attention we’ve received in the past month. My jaw dropped when I saw MagzTV and DevilDogGamer cover our mod, and their very positive comments and constructive criticism were wonderful. Please check out their videos below. This month we have a big announcement and several updates, so let’s dive in!

Introducing the A-4E Modding Community
In the past month, we’ve seen an explosion in submods for the A-4, as well as new liveries and tutorial videos. To bring together this community and foster submod development that might eventually become part of the core mod, we’ve opened a new discord to bring modders together and further develop the “Community” A-4E-C. In addition to submod development, we’ll also be using this group to test update betas and work on solutions to bugs.
We feel that this community has incredible potential to make this truly a “community” mod, and the amount of effort already devoted to development on the part of many individuals has shown just a glimpse of the future. Already, we’ve incorporated Heclak’s weapons mod and are working to incorporate Nero’s RWR mod in a future update. These are prime examples of the community brining their; enthusiasm and experience to the mix for the betterment of us all. Whether you’re an aspiring 3d artist or an accomplished modder, we hope that we’ll see you join us and begin the next exciting stage of development!

You can join the Discord Server HERE: https://discord.gg/VEmJWVP

New Release Version 1.02
NOTICE: You MUST delete the previous version of the mod before installing this one for the interim IC check fix to apply.

Download HERE: https://goo.gl/DXz7XF

- Gunsight Power On Effect
- Brake power adjusted to prevent "Runaway Plane" on Tarmac and Runway
- Implemented Heclak's weapon fixes (Thank you Heclak!)
- Removal of ECM Panel (Unused for Now)
- Removal of files tripping integrity check
- Adjusted damage values

This update incorporates a number of changes and bugfixes recommended and request by the community. While the IC check issue is much bigger than the fix provided, this change is intended to eliminate one of the bigger triggers for it. We hope to find a more concrete solution in the near future.

Updated Bug Tracker
With the new release version, we’ve rolled out a new, more comprehensive bug reporting survey. You’ll now be required to specify your release version and DCS version to help us better identify bug solutions. I’ve replaced the old link with a new one on the original post, but you can access here too: https://goo.gl/forms/8Pe2Cw9Ax5VEyqe53

Videos & Oriskany Update
While my original intention was to have the Air to Ground tutorial video out this month, a mixture of many things has unfortunately put that on pause for now. I hope to make it a comprehensive, accurate explanation of the weapon systems and tactics related to them. Because of this, the effort required to put it together is much, much greater than prior videos which themselves took many hours to produce. December has been a very busy and difficult month for my professional due to the holidays and other things happening in Washington, so that’s been a factor as well. I’m not sure if there is an ETA, but I would guess sometime in late January or Early February.
Speaking of missed personal deadlines, the Oriskany is sharing a similar delay. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on that progress, as well as stream when I have the chance. Modelling is now much more a matter of finding reference materials showing what’s remaining, as all primary hull modelling is complete.

First Official Submod – Aerobatics Mod
As mentioned earlier this month, we’ve introduced the first official submod for the A-4E-C; a stripped down cockpit for Aerobatic teams. This mod is applied AFTER the base mod has been installed and replaces the base cockpit with one which has the HUD, ECM, CM and warning lights removed. Feedback from Aerobatic teams will likely result in further changes, so please shoot us me DM if you have suggestions! You can download it HERE: https://goo.gl/HDsSFi

Update Roadmap
Going forward, there are definitely a host of bugs and changes we’d like to make and will be working towards solving. Several things not included in this update which we hope to include:

- Integration of Nero’s RWR Mod, including in-cockpit effects
- Bugfixes for various issues, include animation glitches on the outboard pylons and for the AIM-9P connector.
- Permanent fixes for the IC check issues.

Outside of integrating unofficial submods into the core mod, we have no further planned development of aircraft systems. Going forward, we'll be providing bugfixes and continued support for the mod through updates. Again, thank you everyone for your support the past three years, it's been an incredible experience and we look forward to seeing what the future holds in the expanded A-4E-C Community!
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