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Originally Posted by BaD CrC View Post
Can't help being really pissed out or just really sad to see how rotaries were completely ignored in this video. This is almost insulting. Hell, even the Yak 52 made it. This is a big deception and I feel really let down by ED on this one. 2019 is apparently going to be a pretty lousy year for us rotorheads.
The Ka-50 is getting reworked, I believe the cockpit is ongoing as we speak. When I update my dev build, I see many times the Hind getting updates, so active development there. Polychop is working on the Bo-105 right now. As for the video, it was also shy on A-10C footage, but trailers can only be so long before they turn into short films, helo guys are not forgotten. All aspects of the sim have a bright future.
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